Towards sustainable food production

May 6, 2011

The Prince of Wales, a long-time advocate of local, organic, and sustainable food production, delivered the keynote address at "The Future of Food" conference hosted by Washington Post Live at Georgetown University...

Food is now much cheaper than it was and one of the unexpected consequences of this is, perhaps, that we do not value it as once we did.  I cannot help feeling some of this problem could be avoided with better food education.  You only have to consider the progress your First Lady, Mrs Obama, has achieved lately by launching her "Let's Move" campaign - a wonderful initiative, if I may say so.  With manufacturers making their "Healthy Weight Commitment" and pledging to cut 1.5 trillion calories a year from their products; with Walmart promising to sell products with less sugar, salt and trans-fats, and to reduce their prices on healthy items like fresh fruits and vegetables; and with the First Lady's big drive to improve healthy eating in schools and the excellent thought of urging doctors to write out prescriptions for exercise; these are marvellous ideas that I am sure will make a major difference.

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