Thought Leaders

It’s a simple equation. It’s about balancing the calories we consume as part of a healthy diet with the calories we expend through physical activity.

Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, M.D., President and CEO
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

 "Reversing the national obesity epidemic will require sustained support and engagement across all sectors. Communities, schools, government, industry and philanthropy all have an essential role to play in improving nutrition and increasing physical activities, both of which are critical to making all communities healthier."

Charlene R. Burgeson, Executive Director
National Association for Sport and Physical Education

“Schools and families who believe in and practice physical activity and healthy eating are two keys to reversing the obesity epidemic and increasing overall health and quality of life.  We are proud to use our organizational network to help reach these societal institutions.”

Shannon Miller, Gymnast
Olympic Gold Medal Winner

 "All kids yearn for a sense of control over their lives. So kids naturally feel energized when they realize that they have personal control over their eating and exercise habits. I look to the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation as a resource to teach children these basics of healthy living—calories in and calories out—and inspire them to live in this balanced way.

Annika Sorenstam
Annika Sorenstam Foundation

“My passion and dream is for all children to live a healthy, active lifestyle through fitness and proper nutrition so we can reverse the alarming trend of obesity in this country.  The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation’s mission aligns perfectly with mine, and I will work tirelessly to teach children and their families why it’s so important to be active and eat right.”

Paul Pierce
Captain of the Boston Celtics
President of the Truth Fund

"I’m excited about working with the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation to help motivate and educate young people and their families on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. It’s great to collaborate efforts so we can work as a team to impact the issues surrounding the childhood obesity epidemic and inspire kids to be active, eat healthy, and make healthy lifestyle choices."