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Wow, she really should not be wearing that shirt.

July 26, 2011

Friends Don’t Let Friends Fat Talk
“Do I look fat in these jeans?”
“Uh, I think I need to lose 10 pounds.”
“Wow, she really should not be wearing that shirt.”

Have you ever heard a friend make a comment like one of the above? Have you said something similar? As summer is in full swing and we attempt to beat the heat with beach trips and swimming, there is an increased likelihood of hearing these types of commentary. Such remarks that speak negatively about body weight or shape are what anthropologist Mimi Nichter named “fat talk.” Although these comments are very common and accepted in today’s society, they may actually be harmful to you and your friends.

Baithing Suit Season

July 1, 2011

Another reason to turn off the TV and go play.

With the abundance of summer sunshine welcoming us all to the great outdoors, it seems silly to need yet another reason to turn off the TV during this time of year. But indeed there is another good reason.

Bathing Suit Season.

We all know that images of unrealistically thin models constantly appear ontelevision and in magazines, and that advertisers frequently alter photographs to enhance the appearance of models' bodies.

Two Little Monkeys Jumping on the bed

May 9, 2011

Dawn Juntilla was a practicing lawyer, new mom and wife. With a two-and-a-half year old, and a second child on the way, Dawn wanted to find a better way to balance work and family. She found it – and a whole new career – looking for classes to keep her toddler active.

The temptation to let children loll in front of a screen can be huge, especially when the weather is miserable. It was a temptation Dawn was determined to resist.

I Promise Myself I Will

April 29, 2011

Obesity and Eating Disorders - The Common Element

As we all work to tackle the issues of obesity and eating disorders, it is important to recognize the critical link between these two epidemics. In her recent article, "The Blind Spot in the Drive for Childhood Obesity Prevention: Bringing Eating Disorders Prevention Into Focus as a Public Health Priority," S. Bryn Austin, ScD, says, "The evidence is mounting that obesity and eating disorders are linked in myriad ways." And one of the most significant links is body dissatisfaction.

‘nPlay - Sam & Karina

April 7, 2011

On the surface, professional surfer Karina Petroni and NFL great Sam Madison couldn’t be more different. She grew up running through the jungles of Panama (her nickname was Mowgli), and he grew up playing Pop Warner football in a small Florida town. But scratch the surface and Karina and Sam have a lot in common. Both are gifted athletes, both were raised by parents who believed in giving back and both are working with ‘nPLAY to fight childhood obesity.

Small Steps, Big Changes

April 7, 2011

Hate flossing your teeth, but love eating out? is the website for you.

Created by a team of entrepreneurs, product creators and designers, DailyFeats, motivates people to change their negative habits for positive ones. “Our driving idea is that the two biggest problems people face today – health and finances – are the result of their daily habits, says Veer Gidwaney, co-founder and CEO.

If You Give an Anthropologist a Cookie…

April 7, 2011

In 1997 Tim Hunt and four of his friends were working toward their masters in anthropology and archeology. Like most graduate students, they were short on money and looking for a way to pay for their education. Realizing that mankind’s newest tool—the Internet —might pay for studying mankind’s earliest ones, they launched a cookie exchange…which led to a pie exchange…which led to, now a network of 17 sites around the world that collectively receive more than 50 million visits from cooks every month.

Parent’s As Influencers

March 30, 2011

The Parent’s Role in Eating Disorder Prevention

Parents play a key role in the prevention of eating disorders. Beginning in their children’s early years and throughout their lives, parents have a tremendous amount of influence over bolstering a child’s physical and emotional health. While many parents believe it is their children’s peers who have the greater influence, research shows this is not the case.

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