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Active Gardening - Mission Makeover Episode 9

Earlier this season the girls, their kids and I headed to the park for fun fitness… Today… it’s time to garden! The ladies get to the root of the matter and learn how to stay active and be able to eat the fruits of your labor! Susan Ralston from Healthy Weight Commitment joins the ladies in our very own Nutritionist Meryl Brandwein’s own garden to show us some ways to engage the entire family touching on nutrition and energy balance—and we’re getting our hands dirty in the process with a little active gardening the kids and ladies make container gardens that they can take home and tend to…. a great way to learn about variety—and eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables.

All in the Family - Together Counts - Mission Makeover

Multi-medal winning Olympian Shannon Miller spends the day with the Mission Makeover ladies and their families.. to share ways our familes can get fit -- together.

Getting “Phit” with the Family! - Mission Makeover Episode 5

Did you know that walking is the number one family activity in the US that the whole family can do together? No matter what your age, walking is a step in the right direction to a healthy lifestyle…..Jim Baugh from Phit America, a partner in the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, meets up with the Mission Makeover team and shows them what a “walk in the park” can do for them. We’ll also join the girls and their families to play some ball and learn that fitness can be found in a lot of fun places. We know that eating healthy is critical to good health, so is increasing your physical activity.

Balancing Act - Lisa Gable, President for the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation

Lisa Gable, President for the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation stops by The Balancing Act to tell us about the strides the HWCF are making in their effort to end child obesity in America.

Balancing Act - Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller, Olympic Gold Medalist and HWCF partner, recently appeared on "The Balancing Act" to discuss the importance of helping children develop healthy lifestyles. Our President, Lisa Gable, joins the conversation about tips to get your kids off the couch by pursuing their passions. In this segment, they explain how it’s up to parents to fight childhood obesity by encouraging kids to live active healthy lifestyles. We discuss the concept of energy balance, as well as tips for motivating sedentary kids.

Balancing Act - Lisa Gable from HWCF and Suzy Whaley from PGA

The Balancing Act is committed to the fight against childhood obesity, and experts say one of the key steps is to make fitness a family affair. In this segment, we talk with PGA Pro Suzy Whaley and Lisa Gable of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation. They point out the health benefits of golf and show us how PGA is making it easier for children to get involved.

Balancing Act - Lisa Gable and Al Dotson, Jr.

While the vast majority of Americans are overweight, the phenomenon does not affect all communities equally. Obesity is more common in African Americans, contributing to a higher risk of heart attacks, strokes and other serious conditions. In this segment, we’re joined by Al Dotson, Jr., of the nonprofit organization 100 Black Men and Lisa Gable of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation. They discuss several program aimed at improving health and fitness in minority communities.

Balancing Act - Lisa Gable and Charlene Burgeson of NASPE

Research suggests children need an hour of physical activity every day. Because they spend so much of their day in school, the Institute of Medicine recommends kids get half their daily exercise during school. But many schools are reducing physical education programs. A new campaign called “Let’s Move in School” seeks to change that. We learn more from Chalrene Burgeson of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, along with Lisa Gable of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation.

Balancing Act - Lisa Gable and General Freakley

The rate of obesity is rising so fast in the U.S. that more than half the population is expected to be obese by 2020. This trend is making it harder for the military to find qualified recruits. Lieutenant General Benjamin C. Freakley of the U.S. Army Accessions Command and Lisa Gable of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation discuss solutions to this potential threat to national security.

Balancing Act - NFL champions Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain

Although children often admire professional athletes, many kids don't make fitness a priority in their own lives. NFL champions Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain are working to change that through after-school programs supported by the ‘nPLAY Foundation. In this segment, Madison and Surtain join Lisa Gable of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation to discuss kids' fitness strategies that work.

Balacing Act - Meri-Margaret Deoudes

Research suggests that children who spend time playing outdoors are healthier, happier, and do better in school. Yet, the average American child plays outside for only a few minutes each day. Meri-Margaret Deoudes of the National Wildlife Federation and Lisa Gable of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation share tips on how to help your family reconnect with the great outdoors.

Balancing Act - Girl Scouts CEO Kathy Cloninger

Healthy living is one of the central themes of the Girl Scouts. The organization's CEO, Kathy Cloninger, discusses why bringing up healthy girls involves much more than diet and exercise. Cloninger and Lisa Gable of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation offer tips for bridging the fitness gap between girls and boys.

Balancing Act - Common Threads Executive Director Linda Novick O’Keefe

Whether it’s empanadas, fried rice, cannolis or potato pancakes, your heritage likely plays a role in how you feed your family – sometimes even when those choices aren’t the healthiest. But kids nationwide are stepping up to the plate and learning – hands-on – how to appreciate their indulgent cultural culinary delights in a more nutritious way. And it’s making a big difference for their entire families. Here to tell us about it as part of our “My Health Series” is Linda Novick O’Keefe, executive director of Common Threads. We're also happy to welcome back Lisa Gable, President of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation.

Balancing Act - Jacksonville (with Shannon Miller)

The Balance Your Life Road Tour made its way to Jacksonville, FL to meet Olympic Medalist, Shannon Miller who talks about how as a busy, working Mom she is able to live an active, healthy lifestyle.

Balancing Act - NC (with Susan Ralston)

The Balance Your Life Road Show touches down in Charlotte and meets up with Susan Ralston of Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation to discuss how a grass roots movement is afoot to support an active, healthy lifestyle.

Balancing Act - Orlando (with Annika Sorenstam)

The Balance Your Life Road Tour stops in Orlando and talks to golf great Annika Sorenstam about her work encouraging kids to make healthy choices.