What Can Your Family Do?



We recognize that families have a powerful impact on the health and wellness of children. In working to reduce childhood obesity, HWCF is looking for realistic ways to help families and children understand the importance of energy balance in an active, healthy lifestyle. We are working with our manufacturing companies to provide more options to parents and are using our Together Counts™ campaign to reach all consumers, parents and children alike, with our message of moderation and the value of family meals and physical activity.

Providing More Options to Consumers

On May 30, the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF) announced that America’s top food and beverage companies have surpassed their goal of reducing 1.5 trillion calories in the marketplace in the United States three years ahead of schedule. This announcement comes three years after a 2010 commitment by the HWCF, and its 16 food and beverage corporate partners, to the First Lady’s Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) to reduce calories by 6.4 trillion by 2015. We are pleased to provide more choices for families.

Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation food and beverage member companies pursued their calorie-reduction goals by developing, introducing and selling more lower-calorie options, changing recipes where possible to lower the calorie content of current products, or reducing portion sizes of existing single-serve products. They continue to meet the consumers’ needs for taste, convenience and value.

Together Counts Campaign

Drawing on the collective reach of our members, our Together Counts™ social media platform encourages families to make a pledge to engage in more family meals and physical activity. This viral campaign is gaining a foothold in the culture as more families learn about it through our members’ communications channels.

Dynamic Online Community

The strength of the Together Counts™ program is its multi-layered approach. The logo is featured on the social media and consumer-facing platforms of many of America’s leading brands, and the programming is integrated into their web strategies. By interacting with our widgets and communicating on Twitter, Facebook and our blog, the Together Counts™ program has emerged as a dynamic online community.

Growing Public Presence

Our dynamic Together Counts™ online community has fostered a growing public presence by leveraging our blog and 280K+ Facebook fans. Our strong Twitter following enables us to share relevant, targeted content in real-time. We connect visually with healthy living themes on Pinterest via Pin Boards featuring dinner ideas, outings, Scouting and seasonal activities. HWCF participates in lifestyle blogger conferences and other thought leadership events and satellite and radio media tours with mom blogger’s like Holley Grainger and Evette Rios, thus spreading the message of energy balance to key influencers. Learn more about our reach here.

Evette Rios Videos

Click on the videos below to see Evette Rios' holiday ham and sweet potato and coconut oup recipies.