Galvanizing Diverse Stakeholders
to Focus on Collective Impact Since 2009

The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF) is changing the national and global dialogue about obesity by providing information and a support system that families can use to make real changes that will lead to a healthy lifestyle and collectively help roll back obesity rates in the U.S. and around the world.

  • Cumulatively, we have reached more than 3.3 billion children and adults with positive health messages and information since 2009.
  • Our award-winning school curriculum has reached 47.9 million American Pre-K—Grade 5 children.
  • Through Smart from the Start, HWCF has reached 10% of American preschool children living in poverty.

In recent studies, obesity rates among U.S. children aged 2-5 have plateaued and receded. American families are getting the healthy lifestyle message—in part thanks to the innovative work of the HWCF and its 300+ partners.

Working Together to Help Children, Schools and Communities Live Healthy, Active Lifestyles



Since its founding in 2009, the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation has become one of the leading voices in the battle against obesity. Through a variety of information channels, we have a cumulative reach of over 3.3 billion people in the U.S. and around the world with healthy and active lifestyle tools and information. From free school curriculum’s to social media and community outreach, we have touched the lives of more than 47.9 million school children and their families across the United States, with free curricular resources being widely distributed to the millions of After Care and Pre-K children living in poverty.


HWCF Timeline: Milestones of Change

The formula for the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation’s success is simple—set a clear objective and bring the best and brightest people and organizations together in pursuit of a common goal. By doing that, the HWCF has quickly become one the most respected organizations in the fight against obesity. The building blocks of our success are due, in part, to the support and validation of our stakeholders, including the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Bipartisan Policy Center, National PTA, National Head Start Association, National 4-H Council, and a host of others.

September 13, 2016

Launched the Latin American Commitment to a Healthy Future in Mexico, and Strategic Partnership with Movement for Healthy Life to jointly-develop Health & Wellness School Curriculum

June 17, 2016

New Multi-Sector Initiative, "Latin American Commitment to a Healthy Future", Launches At World Economic Forum on Latin America

April 13, 2016

Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation Calorie Commitment Initiative Earns Healthier Future Award from the Partnership for a Healthier America

March 25, 2016

Received 534,000+ entries in the Healthy Playground Makeover Sweepstakes, a record for our flagship campaign supporting play for at-risk schools

February 29, 2016

Becky Johnson named HWCF Executive Director

October 2015

290,000+ Facebook Fans

October 2015

Together Counts Farming Spotlight launch & National 4-H Council MOU

September 2015

CGI commitment extended to include National Head Start Association and Penn State University Cooperative Extension’s Better Kid Care

August 2015

Cumulative Consumer Reach hits 2B+

June 2015

Engaging 25M+ U.S. students

May 19, 2015

Catholic Charities 300th member

May 2015

Childhood Obesity Journal published results of EB4K with Play intervention

May 6, 2015

Commitment to Healthy Communities launch: CUNY School of Public Health academic partnership announced with HWCF

March 2015

Healthy Playground Makeover Sweepstakes reaches nearly 400K entries

February 2015

Engaging 20M+ U.S. students

November 2014

McKinsey Global Institute cites HWCF as one of two most effective obesity programs worldwide

October 2014

Cumulative Consumer Reach hits 1B+

October 2014

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Achievement Award

October 5, 2014

5th Anniversary

October 2014

Total lesson downloads (Pre-K–5) hits 100K

September 24, 2014

Celebrates 5th Anniversary with Newseum event featuring Indra Nooyi, Dr. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey and Judy Woodruff

September 17, 2014

RWJF announces evaluation of AJPM study confirming the reduction of 6.4 trillion calories from the marketplace by Corporate Members

August 2014

Engaging 15M+ U.S. students

August 2014

2M+ unique website visits

June 2014

200,000+ Facebook Fans

April 2, 2014

HWCF and Boy Scouts of America form Alliance to Encourage Active Healthy Lifestyles

March 2014

Healthy Playground Makeover Sweepstakes hits 200K entries

January 8, 2014

RWJF announces Corporate Members exceeded calorie reduction goal by 400% – removed 6.4 trillion calories from marketplace

November 2013

Receive Tech & Learning Magazine Award of Excellence

November 2013

Engaging 10M+ U.S. students

September 2013

Cumulative Consumer Reach hits 500K+

September 2013

HWCF and Partners make $500K Commitment to Action in support of Pre-K wellness initiatives

September 25, 2013

HWCF, National PTA and Discovery Education announce Clinton Global Initiative Commitment – Pre-K Smart from the Start $500,000 Grant Program with the National PTA

August 3013

1.5M+ unique website visits

August 2013

Kick-Off the Smart from the Start grant competition with $45,000 in funding for pre-school and Head Start and National PTA Healthy Lifestyles Council grants with $100,000 in funding

June 3, 2013

Patriots owner Robert Kraft matches HWCF $30,000 grant to Russell Elementary School in Boston

June 1, 2013

Hudson Institute announces lowcalorie products responsible for boosting sales

May 30, 2013

HWCF announces it has surpassed its goal of reducing 1.5 trillion calories in the marketplace

May 23, 2013

Launch Spanish version of Together Counts website

April 2013

ComputEd Gazette Best Educational Software Award for Community Resource Website

December 2012

50,000+ Facebook Fans

October 2012

Together Counts website reaches 1M visits

August 2012

Launch Enrichment Zone – energy balance curriculum for parents and volunteers in after-school and community programs

July 2012

Miss Virginia 200th member

June 2012

Bipartisan Policy Center acknowledges leadership of HWCF members in combating childhood obesity

Spring 2012

5 EB4K with Play Schools won the Bronze Award for the USDA HealthierUS Schools Challenge

May 2012

HWCF and Girl Scouts of the USA deliver Healthy Habits booklets nationwide

May 2012

K–5 curriculum hits 10K downloads

May 21, 2012

HWCF, Discovery Education and Sports Authority award $50,000 in prizes to Find Your Balance Challenge winners

April 30, 2012

HWCF and Discovery Education recognize schools fostering healthy environments through the USDA’s HealthierUS Schools Challenge

April 2012

Partnership with National PTA for Healthy Lifestyles grants

January 2012

Healthy Playground Makeover Sweepstakes hits 100,000 entries

December 2011

Together Counts website reaches 500K visits

November 14, 2011

Partnership with Girl Scouts of the USA

September 2011

Kick-off EB4K with Play, our research program with the University of California–Berkeley and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

August 2011

Kick-off the Find Your Balance Challenge and USDA HealthierUS Schools Challenge prizing

May 9, 2011

Together Counts™ Campaign launch

May 6, 2011

Prince Charles highlights HWCF in address at Georgetown University

January 28, 2011

Membership triples in the first year

December 16, 2010

United Way Worldwide MOU

September 21, 2010

HWCF and Discovery Education launch free online curriculum; kick-off the Healthy Playground Makeover Sweepstakes with over $100,000 in prizes

August 30, 2010

U.S. Army MOU

August 11, 2010

PGA 100th Member

May 17, 2010

First Lady Michelle Obama announces at the White House Corporate Members pledge to reduce 1.5 trillion calories by 2015

May 4, 2010

Partnership with Discovery Education

February 9, 2010

First Lady Michelle Obama announces Let’s Move

October 5, 2009

Launch at the National Press Club