Providing families, communities and schools with education materials and tools to help impact global wellness.

hwcf_button_logo_full-latinamericancommitmentOur mission is to empower school children and their families to achieve and maintain a healthy diet and active lifestyle by encouraging positive and permanent lifestyle changes.

Through our free, award-winning Together Counts™ healthy lifestyle school curriculum, we aim to support teachers who strive to improve the health of their students through proven and impactful resources. For families, we bring together partner and community wellness initiatives encouraging healthy, active lifestyles. For Spanish, click here. For Portuguése, click here.

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Our program portal is now live and available in Portuguese, serving schools and families throughout Brazil. Working with our partner, Discovery Na Escola, our free wellness program and curriculum will be distributed to 390,000 students, via 1,000 schools in 20 cities throughout the country.

The Brazil portal is available here:


Building on our successful launch in Colombia, the Latin American Commitment to a Healthy Future has launched in Mexico. A new portal on Discovery en la Escuela for Mexico schools delivers free wellness curriculum and resources for families. The program is being delivered to 1,300 schools including 3,500 teachers and 150,000 students in Mexico, and growing weekly.

Strategic Partnership
In support of the Mexico initiative, HWCF is collaborating with MOVISA, a Mexican non-profit organization created to promote nutritional guidance and physical activity to help children and adults establish a healthy lifestyle and an appropriate body weight. Learn more about our new strategic partnership.

The Mexico portal is available here:


Reaching up to 2M students, 30K schools and 10K teachers across Latin America, including 30,000 students in Colombia through Discovery en la Escuela, a major educational initiative spearheaded by Discovery Networks Latin America, the Together Counts™ program will provide primary school teachers, students and their families engaging resources that encourage the development of healthy habits.

In addition to offering free curriculum to schools, the program includes professional development, educator support and incentives for family engagement.

The Together Counts wellness initiative in Colombia is poised to be a model for community impact and leveraging best practices for partnership with industry, government and education leaders.

The Colombia portal is available here:

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