Our mission is to try to help reduce obesity- especially childhood obesity- by 2015.

Nestlé USA

Nestlé USA Partners with Retailers, Food and Beverage Industry To Launch National Obesity Campaign

Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation Seeks to Encourage Behavior Change and Provide Tools to Help Consumers Achieve Energy Balance in the Marketplace, in the Workplace and in Schools

GLENDALE, C.A.—Nestlé USA has joined an unprecedented coalition of more than 40 retailers, food and beverage manufacturers and non-governmental organizations to launch the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, a national, multi-year effort designed to help reduce obesity – especially childhood obesity – by 2015.

The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation will promote the concept of energy balance – balancing calories consumed as part of a healthy diet with calories expended by physical activity –to people in the places where they spend much of their time: to consumers in the marketplace, to employees through workplace programs and to children in schools.

"The rise of obesity is one of the most significant global public health challenges facing us today," said Rob Case, president of Nestlé Beverage and board member of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation. "At Nestlé USA, we believe that balanced nutrition and regular physical activity are critical for maintaining optimal health. We are dedicated to providing our consumers with delicious, high quality foods and beverages that can be enjoyed as part of nutritious diet, clear nutritional information, as well as educational tools that they can use to support a healthy lifestyle."

Members of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation have already committed $20 million to this joint initiative to raise awareness about the importance of balancing a healthy diet with physical activity, particularly among children ages six to 11 years old and their parents and caregivers. This effort will include a soon-to-be announced national public education campaign on energy balance.
Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation efforts include:

Connecting with Consumers in the Marketplace:

  • Participating companies are committing to build on existing efforts and will be making changes to their products, packaging and labeling to make it easier for consumers to manage their calorie intake while preserving or enhancing overall nutrition quality.
  • Nestlé USA is committed to improving the nutritional density of products by featuring fruits and vegetables, whole grains, calcium, Omega-3s and antioxidants where it makes sense. For people trying to manage their weight, the company offers portion-and-calorie-controlled meals, treats and beverages, along with lower fat and reduced sugar versions that share the original’s same great taste.

Empowering Employees in the Workplace:

  • Participating companies will undertake new or enhance existing programs to help employees achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Nestlé USA will continue to provide employees with a number of unique employee health and wellness initiatives, such as HealthWorks, a health management initiative that offers resources – such as weight loss management, smoking cessation programs, on-site health screenings – to help employees and their family make informed decisions about health care and wellness.

Creating Healthy Habits in Schools:

  • The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation will expand the successful Healthy Schools Partnership to additional schools in Kansas City, Des Moines, Washington, D.C., Chicago and a tribal community in Iowa. The Healthy Schools Partnership integrates nutrition education and physical education through a school-based curriculum to help children develop life-long positive healthy habits.
  • Nestlé USA will also continue to support Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives, a program created to offer teachers innovative tools to educate students about good nutrition and physical activity. To date, more than 40,000 Healthy Steps kits have been distributed to teachers – reaching nearly one million children and their families.

"Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires making smart decisions both big and small," said Chavanne B. Hanson, MPH, RD, LD, Nestlé USA’s Wellness Champion. "We are cognizant of our role in helping families make informed decisions about eating right and will work tirelessly to support them in their efforts for better nutrition, health and wellness."

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About Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation
The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation is a unique partnership between retailers, non-profit organizations, food and beverage manufacturers and trade associations aimed at helping to reduce obesity. For more information, go to www.healthyweightcommit.org.