Energy Balance in the Workplace

Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation in the Workplace:

Helping Employees Develop and Maintain Healthy Lifestyles

Investing in the health of employees is one of the most pivotal actions employers can take to improve employee productivity and overall success of a company. Studies show that obesity-related disorders cost employers nearly 40 million lost workdays, 239 million restricted activity days and 63 million doctor visits each year.1

Collectively, the workforce of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation member companies represents more than one million employees in addition to the dependents that we touch through our benefits programs. This translates to more than one million opportunities to influence and make a difference.

And while many of us have invested in the health and wellness of our employees for many years, we’re excited to enhance and improve our efforts by incorporating the energy balance approach to healthy weight.

Measuring Our Progress

When we help to reduce obesity in our workplaces, there’s a lot to gain. As member companies of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, we are not only providing resources to help our employees achieve and maintain a healthy weight, we also are committed to participating in an independent evaluation process that demonstrates the impact of our commitment to improving the health of our employee (and dependent) population.

The National Business Group on Health is developing metrics that will allow us to effectively measure the impact we’re having. For example:

  • Have we effectively integrated healthy weight efforts into our corporate culture?
  • Are we providing the right resources and tools for our employee population?
  • Do we have adequate levels of participation to see change?

In the end, it is our hope to show a positive impact on the life of our employees and their families.

1Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Prevention Makes Common Cents. September 2003. Available at: Accessed September 14 2009.